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Lush 2019

23-24 November 2019

Lilleshall Hall Sports and Conference Centre, TF10 9AT

Join us in one of Shropshire's most beautiful settings for a diverse weekend of workshops and freestyles with top DJ's and expert teachers from across the UK. An inspiring combination of historic buildings, beautiful grounds and modern facilities including the refurbished grand dance hall provide the perfect setting for Lush XI.

With 15 classes to choose from on Saturday, an extended Connection, Expression and Creativity Workshop on Sunday, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon freestyles Lush 2019 is one of the best value weekenders around. Tailor the weekend to suit you with choice to book single workshops, full day passes or weekend passes. Lush weekend is Ceroc Addiction's most comprehensive annual event with some of the best teachers attending from across the UK - this event is not to be missed.

UPDATE - 23rd NOV: 

Workshop Passes and Freestyle Tickets  for Saturday 23 Nov can now only be purchased on the door.

Saturday Classes

10.30 - 11.30

Beginners - Maja & Richard

  • For those who have never danced before or are at beginner level wanting to revise some of the basic moves & techniques.

SILC I  (Int) - Rufus

  • Review the the key principles and foundation moves of SILC to give you a solid start to take forward through the weekend.


11.45 - 13.00
Improvers - Maja & Richard

  • Building blocks to help you to move to intermediate level and enjoy your dancing with new style, core techniques & moves.

SILC II (Int) - Rufus

  • Step up and learn more Progressive SILC moves with focus on Shadowing, using frame and core to lead and a stronger emphasis on ladies following techniques.


13.15 - 14.45
Whips, Scrolls and Slides (Adv) - Ben

  • These popular advanced techniques are very much in vogue, adding slotted rotation and dynamism to your dance.

Creating Connection (All ) - Neil & Maja

  • Techniques to help you create a smoother feel to moves you already know, and  a more natural flow between them.

Tango Fusion (Int) - Lyndsey

  • Learn how to bring the sensual and dramatic feel of tango moves, techniques and passion into your dancing.

15.15 - 16.15
Competition Moves and Mini-Aerials (Int+) - Rufus

  •  Learn new exciting competition moves to wow everyone, including Mini-Aerials with focus on a technique & safety.

Using Connection and Frame (Int) - Neil

  •  Introducing the use of frame with connection to bring elasticity to your dance and use the space that music creates. 

Unleash your Blues (All) - Maja & Richard

  • Blues stance and holds, transitions between them and  stylish new moves to fit into your Blues routines.


16.30 - 17.30
Beautiful Leans (Int+) Maja & Richard

  • Learn new leans & counterbalances to add splash of elegance into your dancing.

Playing with Movement & Stillness (Adv) - Neil

  • Take advantage of silence in music and create both time and space in your dancing.

Expressive Blues (Int) - Lyndsey & Ben

  • Add variation and dramatic effect to your blues by making the music an integral part of the dance.


17.45 - 18.45
Flashy Dips and Seducers (Int+) - Lyndsey & Ben

  • Stand out on the dance floor with flashy new Dips & Seducers with emphasis on style and safety.

Swing & Lindy Hop (All) - Mike & Jo

  • Learn the basics of these popular up-tempo  and fun styles to add to your dance repertoire.

Saturday - Teachers and DJs Open Forum


Sit down with a teacher and just pick their brains about how they have developed as a dancer, or talk about music with the Lush DJs. At the Lush Teachers/DJs Open Forum you have a chance to ask any questions your heart (or feet) desire to any of our teaching/DJ team... so join us for a hug & chat - or even just a hug!

Saturday 2-Room Masquerade Ball / Freestyle

Dress to impress

20.00 - 01.15 (Main room)

A mix of contemporary and classic  chart hits with an up-beat tempo.

CABARET performance approx 22.30


21.00 - 02.00 (Second room)

A more chilled vibe for your blues, tango, funk and expressive dance techniques - watch this space for the playlist!


Sunday Workshop

12.00 - 14.15

Connection, Expression & Creativity

Maja and Neil will explore some tools and techniques for those who would like to bring more expression and greater creativity to their dancing.


Sunday Freestyle

14.30 - 18.30

Smooth, Chilled and Funky tunes to round of the weekend - If you are familiar with the Sweet Soul playlists, and like that feel... this will definitely be for you - watch this space for the playlist!


Booking Process

The online booking system is now open. Each pass is available a Follower Pass or a Leader Pass, please select the appropriate one. 


For several of the passes you are required to select which of the classes you wish to join, please select one for each time slot, or select 'None' if you are planning a break for a particular time slot.

If you buy a pass that includes the Sunday Workshop, you do not need to select that as an option as there is only one Workshop on Sunday.

We will endeavour to keep the freestyles and the Workshops closely gender balanced, and we ask you to provide the name of the dancer when making a booking, so if you are booking a pass on behalf of someone else please enter their name on the booking.

Although there is potential to change a selected workshop on the day, we would prefer that this does not happen too much as it will lead to un-balanced lead/follow numbers causing more 'wait-time' within class. 

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