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Making Wireless Simple!

At Red Banana Wireless we are committed to de-mystifying the complexities of the wireless world, making it more accessible to everyone from engineers to end-users.

We believe in empowering individuals to make IoT, 5G and other such technologies work for them.

Learn more about Red Banana Wireless and discover a learning path built for you.

Delivery Formats

We have developed our content in a variety of formats including in-person, classroom-based presentations, on-line webinar-style, and knowledge-nugget video tutorials. A blended training solution containing all of these formats is often an ideal solution as this can be tailored more effectively to the requirements of your company. 

We are very much advocates of delivering in-person training, as this has been proven to encourage critical thinking, promote collaborative learning and reduce distraction.

When delegates experience face to face interaction with our instructors and other participants they remain more effectively engaged, and the use of effective non-verbal communication helps to reinforce key points of learning.

Our in-person training can be offered as either stand-alone sessions or to supplement on-line and video tutorials as part of a blended training solution.

It may be that it is more convenient for your company to have training sessions delivered using one of a variety of collaborative-learning or on-line meeting tools.

This can provide greater flexibility for a workforce that is distributed geographically and of course can reduce travel costs and out-of-office time.
We include Q&A, quizzes and breakout sessions and ensure that sessions are delivered in short "bite-sized" chunks in order to maintain delegate engagement.

Presentation materials and other reference documents are also provided to the delegates so that the learning content can be revisited and reviewed following the training.


We have developed a series of short training videos exploring the 5G system from many perspectives, and this demonstration video will give you a flavour of the content, format and the delivery style.

The modules are in bite-sized chunks, typically 5-10 minutes duration each, keeping them to a manageable knowledge nugget size, and they contain with closed-caption text, (sub-titles), which can be provided in a variety of languages.

For most topics we have m
ultiple levels of content, typically including an overview and more detailed modules focusing on particular area of the topic.

Often, a topic will require a little more focus, in particular if they in are more innovative or game-changing areas of technology.

We believe that this is true for topics such as Network Event & Capabilities where, through the use of open APIs, suitably configured elements of a  5G Core Network can be made available to third-parties.

This essentially an abstraction of the Core Network functionality which becomes available as a programable platform for developers and solution-providers.


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Committed to Excellence

Red Banana Wireless have been providing bespoke training and consulting services to the mobile-cellular and wireless industries for over 25 years.
The learning experiences we provide are designed to help our students grow both within the classroom, and when back in their work environment.

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